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A smoking good experience

By admin | June 23rd, 2010

This past Saturday I received a telephone call from a neighbor and friend on Jaramillo, another neighbor was slaughtering a pig and had fresh pork for sale. Loving the challenge and having had some experience in carving up a dearly departed hog, Mayra and I went on a short ride to acquire a shoulder and [...]

Sole Restaurant Waterloo, Ontario Canada

By admin | December 15th, 2008

“In November, 1992, when the last whisky barrel was rolled out of the (Seagrams) warehouses, a rich industrial era came to an abrupt end. Former Waterloo plant manager, William Timmis spoke for many when he expressed: “”Seagram was Waterloo, Waterloo was Seagram. The company has been the backbone of the community. It will be terribly [...]

Pargo off Boca Chica Panama

By admin | December 8th, 2008

Gone Fishing is a phrase that brings delight to many people. Short of childhood memories I never went fishing until I moved to Boquete Panama. Boquete Panama is located 30 miles from the Pacific Ocean and 30 miles from the Caribbean both as the eagle flies. In reality without wings the Pacific is far more [...]