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1 Tishrei 5772

By admin | September 29th, 2011

I am not a religious person, far from it, but I was raised Jewish in New York City. I think part of why I left New York was to see how the rest of the world lived. Today was a sweet remembrance of my youth. Mort and Barbara Rabkin invited Mayra and I to join others for [...]

Big Daddy’s: Boquete Panama

By admin | July 6th, 2011

I waited a long time to visit Big Daddy’s. When the restaurant poll was done I was surprised to see them score so high, number four. I decided to go and eat there. Still I procrastinated until my friends Dan and Randy intercepted me on route to their table in Baru and suggested I join [...]

Review Restaurant Baru

By admin | March 5th, 2011

In reviewing Restaurant Baru I made three separate visits, once before the Jazz Festival on Friday 25 Feb, another at about 10pm on March 4 th and a third, but not final trip on Saturday March 5th at about 7pm for dinner. I don’t usually do this but because of all the discussion about this [...]

Rancho Paisa Boquete Panama

By admin | August 30th, 2009

At least once a week, usually more, I drive past Rancho Paisa in Alto Boquete. It is on the highway to David and in the past I passed it by. Yesterday Heather and I were driving back from David and decided to heed the sagely advice of Susan Thoms, “STOP there, it’s good”. As usual, [...]

Searching for Lamb in Boquete Panama

By admin | March 31st, 2009

Almost three months ago I took guests to the Oasis restaurant in Boquete Panama to try a rack of lamb, it was not to their liking. Although I really enjoy eating at Oasis and recommend it, their lamb was not the best. This past weekend a group of dedicated lamb consumers and culinary taste testers [...]

Fishing in Boquete Panama

By admin | March 6th, 2009

Boquete Panama does not sit on either the Pacific Ocean nor the Caribbean, in fact it sits in the mountains about 50 kilometers from both. Our fresh fish comes not by boat but by truck. It appears either in the local supermarket or several times a week in ice filled coolers in the back of [...]

Golden Unicorn Panama City

By admin | January 11th, 2009

You might not think of Panama City, Panama as the place for an excellent Chinese restaurant, it is. The Golden Unicorn is located on the 4th floor of the Evergreen Building, home of Evergreen Marine . That pedigree might help explain why the cuisine is excellent. I have been there many times, breakfast dim sum [...]

Schwartz Smoked Meat Montreal Canada

By admin | December 27th, 2008

I was confused, what is smoked meat? Meat has been smoked forever but in Montreal Smoked meat has a special significance and is similar what I grew up calling Pastrami, but it is different. The place for Pastrami in New York City is Katz’s Deli, the place for Smoked Meat in Montreal is Schwartz’s Deli. [...]

Sole Restaurant Waterloo, Ontario Canada

By admin | December 15th, 2008

“In November, 1992, when the last whisky barrel was rolled out of the (Seagrams) warehouses, a rich industrial era came to an abrupt end. Former Waterloo plant manager, William Timmis spoke for many when he expressed: “”Seagram was Waterloo, Waterloo was Seagram. The company has been the backbone of the community. It will be terribly [...]

Apple Fritters in St Jacobs Ontario Canada

By admin | December 13th, 2008

Our Great Canadian Christmas adventure started in Southern Ontario in the town of St Jacobs with a trip to the St Jacobs Farmers Market. The St Jacob market is an amazing farmers market. It is only open Thursdays and Saturdays from 6 am to 3 pm during the winter, add Tuesdays during the summer and [...]