Apple Fritters in St Jacobs Ontario Canada

By admin | December 13th, 2008

Our Great Canadian Christmas adventure started in Southern Ontario in the town of St Jacobs with a trip to the St Jacobs Farmers Market.

The St Jacob market is an amazing farmers market. It is only open Thursdays and Saturdays from 6 am to 3 pm during the winter, add Tuesdays during the summer and if you are in the area plan your trip around the experience of visiting the market, it will be worth it.

The market is an amazing montage of butchers, vegetable vendors, unique fast food, flea market and much more. After our late start and exposure to the culinary display we were hungry and looked for a snack.

The market is replete with vendors of many types for street food. For this note I found myself thinking sweet, something distinctively Canadian and something hot, it is COLD here. Welcome to the most amazing Apple Fritter made with Apples; Dunkin Donuts eat your heart out!

They start with real Green Apples, peel and core

The sliced apples are then carried over the the fryer, dipped into batter and fried

After frying laden in sugar and cinnamon then placed in box hit and ready for consumption. You could see the final product except that I ate it before I took a photo.  I will bet you cannot just eat one of these beauties.


By h huehnergard on December 14th, 2008 at 11:23 am

Hi Lee,

Don’t no if you remember us but Mark and I met you with in Boquete and had dinner. We have since purchased a house there. Why i am writing is because you are here in our home town, if you have time please come and visit. Email and I will give your our address and/or phone number.

Regards Heather


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