Road Trips: Guayaquil Ecuador

By admin | October 9th, 2009

Not much more than a year ago an icon of the Expat community in Boquete Panama announced she was moving to Cunenca Ecuador. Like many people I wondered why, I told her I had money on her returning within six months. I was wrong she lasted a bit of a year. I really have no idea what motivated her move or her return but I decided I wanted to see a little bit of Ecuador.

Fortunately I had a corresponding friend in Guayaquil, a well known local author and Physiologist and she offered to show me her home city. This is the first of a few posts about my observations in my short time here. Dra. Quila found me a nice inexpensive hotel about three miles and a $5 taxi ride from the airport. The Hotel Marcelius is neither the Raddison Decapolis nor the Hospedaje Casco Viejo but in a place square between the two with a cost of about $60 a day. Ecuador like Panama is a US dollar economy so currency conversion is not an issue here, no Bolivars or Pesos but lots of US Sacagawea dollar coins; I wondered where they all went.

I am writing this after scarcely 36 hours here so it is very much a first blush. I spent yesterday walking through downtown Guayaquil. The city is large and coastal with wide streets in the downtown and a beautiful river park. The Police and military are visible everyplace.

The feel of the city is cosmopolitan more like Buenos Aires Argentina than Panama City. We visited two museums

Mueso Presley Norton is laden with archeological treasures and Mueso Nahim Isaias, art, in particular a collection of religious art.


The food in Guayaquil is exactly what you would expect if you did not keep hearing stories about Ecuadorians eating Guinea pigs. The city is on the coast and the primary foods are from the sea. We joined Dra. Quila’s daughter and her boy friend for lunch. A simple local fonda.GuyaquilEcuador001.jpg

The food was unexceptional but different. The Seafood plate was fresh boiled seafood served over a gruel of green plalntain.

The shrimp Ceviche looked enticing also.

Today is independence day in Ecuador and I hope to observe some more of the local public life.


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