Big Daddy’s: Boquete Panama

By admin | July 6th, 2011

I waited a long time to visit Big Daddy’s. When the restaurant poll was done I was surprised to see them score so high, number four. I decided to go and eat there. Still I procrastinated until my friends Dan and Randy intercepted me on route to their table in Baru and suggested I join them at Big Daddy’s; I did.

We went for a late lunch, early dinner on Tuesday June 7. As we entered they introduced and identified me to Elizabeth, the co-owner, because of this, perhaps in spite of this or just because, we had excellent, five star service.

We each ordered different dishes, Randy a Filet Minion sandwich, Dan a Chicken Sandwich and I had fish and chips. I wanted to compare them to what Craig serves as Las Ruinas and Elizabeth warned me that their fish and chips was totally different, it was.

Where the Fish and Chips at Las Ruinas inspires memories of Camden Town in London, the Big Daddy’s Fish and Chips reminded me a fresh version of Mrs. Pauls, a frozen fish fillet sold in the US. It was good and many people will prefer it, but not me, I like the greasier memories of Camden Town. I liked the Cole Slaw side dish, a lot. But there was barely enough to satisfy the desire, maybe bigger side order portions would be an addition?

Big Daddy's Fried Chick Sandwich

Big Daddy’s Filet Minion Sandwich above.

Both and Dan and Randy loved their food and are frequent customers.

I returned a second time on June 28 for lunch, this time with Mayra. The service was again excellent with both Elizabeth and Larry coming out to be sure we were satisfied. Without prompting Mayra ordered the fish and chips and I tried the fish sandwich, grilled not fried.

I asked for salad instead of a fried side dish, I received two small cups of cole slaw, the slaw was very good and two cups was a decent portion.

Mayra loved the fish and chips and the portion was way too much for her complete. She liked the fact it was not greasy and was fresh fish. Mayra has never been to Camden Town in London.

I found the fish sandwich uninspiring, good, but not great it was overwhelmed by the roll. We both agreed it had no flavor, it is not something I would repeat. For me 0-2 on food to rave about, 2-2 for good fresh food. I have been outvoted 3-2 by those I went with they all really enjoyed Big Daddy’s, me not so much.

Name: Big Daddy’s Grill

Location: Main Street in Boquete north of Los Establos

Hours: Tues- Sat 12 noon – 9pm, Sunday 12 – 8 PM

Short Description of the food: The food is quality, fresh and very much a luncheon style of cuisine. As the menu and sign indicate, grilled and fried are the theme.

Ambiance: The location is perfect for walking traffic in Boquete. There are three, two seat tables outside overlooking the street and about six more, larger tables inside. The inside is comfortable and set up for counter orders despite the fact we were given table service. Big Daddy’s is a diner, not a bad thing, something not found in Boquete before. 2/5

Price: My Fish and Chips cost $8.50 and was a fair portion, I substituted Onion Rings, an extra $.75, which was waived because they were delivered undercooked.

Randy’s Special Filet Sandwich was $7.95 plus $.75 for Onion Rings, also waived.
Dan’s Chicken sandwich from the menu was $5.95

The fish sandwich was also $7.95 and a good portion of fish on a fresh bun from Sugar and Spice Bakery. Servered with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce.

People have complained about the prices at Big Daddy’s. I have been here five years and the prices reminded me of US lunch prices, but more recent immigrants explained that I am still remembering gasoline for $1 a gallon and Snickers bars for $.25; the past.

It is hard to compare their food to a typico, which is far less expensive. Typico portions and prices are much lower and they rarely have even similar menu items. It is also hard to compare it to a fine dining restaurant, nether the food nor the ambiance are equal, but the prices are lower. Big Daddys offers good, fresh well cooked food at a midrange price point. 3/5

Bathrooms: The bathrooms a re 5/5 clean, water, toilet seat, paper towels and toilet paper.

Kitchen Cleanliness: The kitchen is clean. 5/5

Big Daddy's Kitchen

Service: As I said in the introduction we were treated like royalty. The second time service was also excellent from Elizabeth and a waitress. Food was delivered rapidly and was hot. 5/5

Jubilado Discount: I asked for the discount on the second trip and it was given without hesitation. 5/5

Summary: In My book Big Daddy’s is a nice place to have lunch. I will return if I have the desire for high end fast food. It is not much more expensive than McDonalds in David and certainly much better. It is also not inexpensive, I can buy lunch at Lourdes next door for under $3, but it is different. Big Daddy’s offers a fair value for the price, portions are not New York sized but certainly adequate. Big Daddy’s is not a “fine dining” experience, it is a fine diner experience.


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